• Find out what is making you feel so miserable!

    State-of-art allergy testing using preservative-free antigens helps to identify the exact causes of your allergy illness. learn more

  • Benefit from proven treatments that return you to a healthy and vibrant lifestyle!

    Customized immunotherapies and vaccines work to return you to a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.learn more

  • Regain your natural vitality!

    Our completely focused care will help you feel better and wake up each morning feeling refreshed and able to lead a more healthy life free of any daily or seasonal misery. learn more


Food Allergies,
Seasonal Allergies, and
Sinus Relief!

Let us help you restore the vitality in your life. There is no reason for anyone to suffer needlessly when proven advanced services are available to treat patients who suffer from environmental and food allergies.

Our thorough, cause oriented approach will help you get your life back because it identifies and corrects the contributing source of your allergy illness.

  • Food Allergies

    "I had been trying for years to get to the bottom of what was making me feel so miserable. The Allergy & Environmental Treatment Center's comprehensive testing isolated the food allergy. Life is good now!"
    - Mary J., Patient

  • Seasonal Allergies

    "AETC convinced me to undergo allergy testing although I was skeptical. Much to my surprise, I found out how allergic I was and how great I have felt in the last 3 years since the testing and treatments. AETC literally changed my life and made me a true believer." - Bennett W., Patient

  • Chemical Sensitivity

    "With precision testing, I was finally diagnosed with all of my environmental allergies and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. With AETC’s help, I can now enjoy the Outdoors and foods I was allergic to .htmly and I am virtually symptom Free." - Kathleen R.., Patient

  • Pet Dander

    "I used to need 6-10 allergy pills DAILY… now I take 6-10 pills a YEAR! It’s great to not be controlled by my allergies. And the expertise at The Allergy & Environmental Treatment Center is delivered with extraordinary caring & service – you will LOVE the staff." - Linda S., Patient

  • Mold Sensitivity

    "LIFE CHANGING!!! Two years ago my severe allergies (a triple header of foods, molds, pollens, etc.) were affecting both my personal and business life. After very thorough testing and evaluation, my life with allergies is now coming under control. The AETC Medical Team is awesome!" -Peter J., Patient


  • Pediatric Testing

    We provide comprehensive allergy testing to identify and treat the causes of individual allergy symptoms. learn more

  • Adult Testing

    We provide comprehensive allergy testing to identify and treat the causes of individual allergy symptoms. learn more

  • Diagnosis

    Finding the exact cause of your allergy is a complex and challenging task. It requires expert knowledge, skill and patience to accurately apply precise diagnostic testing methodologies that expose the underlying causes. learn more

  • Treatment

    Once the causes of your allergies have been isolated, we prescribe a course of treatment that will...
    learn more

  • Testimonials

  • What our patients are saying about us.

    Good health is within your reach. And, there is no better affirmation of that than what our patients have to say about our services. learn more


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Why choose us?

Whether you have suffered for years unable to find relief; or your symptoms are only recent, you will find no better allergy doctors than at The Allergy & Environmental Treatment Center.

Clear communication, advanced diagnostic tools, unsurpassed care and targeted treatment regimens are all part of our DNA. These are the ingredients that set us apart.

We work together with you to understand your health issues, lifestyle, and environmental considerations followed by total involvement in every step of your care from initial diagnosis to restoring your health and vitality.

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