Options for Allergy Testing and Treatment

It’s that time of year when allergies kick into high gear. You may notice that you’re sneezing and coughing more often, or you get itchy when you lounge outside on the grass. If you’ve never gotten an allergy test, you may have allergies you aren’t aware of yet.

Allergies can change and develop over time. For instance, many people may outgrow allergies by the time they hit 30 because they’ve become tolerant to them. This is especially true for food allergies. However, it is possible to develop allergies later in life, even to things you’ve never had a reaction to before. If this is happening to you, or you’re curious to find out what your current allergies are, getting an allergy test could put you on the fast track to treatment.

Types of allergy tests

Doctors can choose from a variety of allergy tests:

At Allergy & Environmental Treatment Center, LLC, we prefer to use the intradermal test. We choose to use this method of testing because it produces consistent results and can detect even weak allergic reactions. 

In addition to skin testing, your doctor may recommend SpectraCell Laboratories’ micronutrient testing to determine if any deficiencies are contributing to your symptoms or a diagnostic stool analysis in an effort to uncover any infections, inflammatory markers, or issues with digestion or nutrient absorption.

Treatment options

The best treatment for relieving allergies is to avoid coming into contact with allergens. We know this isn’t always possible, so we offer allergy testing followed by immunotherapy, working with your food sensitivities, and avoiding possible chemical exposures.

Whether you’ve been dealing with allergies your whole life and you’ve finally had enough or you’re experiencing them for the first time, our team of expert providers is here to help. Don’t let allergy symptoms ruin your fun. For more information or to schedule allergy testing, give our Scottsdale, Arizona, office a call, or schedule an appointment online.

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