What You Need to Know About Total Body Burden if You Have Allergies

What You Need to Know About Total Body Burden if You Have Allergies

An allergy is an adverse immune system reaction to something in your environment. You can be allergic to almost any substance, including airborne irritants, chemicals, and foods.

When you come into contact with your allergen, your immune system identifies that specific substance as a threat, and its reaction creates those bothersome allergy symptoms. This all takes a toll on your body over time. 

This toll is what’s known as a total body burden. Allergens and irritants create a burden, and the greater the burden, the more severe your allergy symptoms — and in some cases, allergies can influence symptoms that seem completely unrelated.

Our team at Allergy & Environmental Treatment Center, LLC, takes a holistic approach to allergy diagnosis and care. We partner with you to evaluate your total body burden so you can better understand your allergies and your symptoms to create a more effective treatment plan.

Understanding your allergies and total body burden

Put simply, your total body burden is the sum of all of the factors that put stress on your immune system. These factors include almost everything around you, like the air you breathe, the foods you eat, and the things you touch.

If you have allergies, things like pollen, mold spores, pet dander, chemicals, food ingredients, and countless other substances can tax your immune system and elevate your total body burden. In turn, this burden can wear down your immune system.

As your immune system weakens, you experience allergy symptoms. Some of the most common allergy symptoms are nasal congestion and itchy eyes, but the effect of allergies on your total body burden can also make you more susceptible to illness and other issues, too.

Identifying lesser-known allergy symptoms

When allergies increase your total body burden, you might experience symptoms that go beyond the usual allergy symptoms. In fact, the burden allergies create on your body can be linked to:

The connection between allergies and these issues may not be obvious at first. You might experience misdiagnoses or costly treatments that don’t make a difference, but by reducing your total body burden with allergy treatment, you may begin to find relief.

Uncovering the key to more effective allergy treatment

At Allergy & Environmental Treatment Center, LLC, we specialize in comprehensive physical assessments and allergy testing to identify your allergy triggers — and the effect they have on your total body burden.

We conduct advanced allergy testing, and we take a close look at all other factors, including your:

Together, we work to pinpoint your triggers and discover if allergies are influencing any seemingly unrelated symptoms. Once we uncover the root cause, we can help you develop a more effective allergy management plan.

With our holistic allergy treatment, you can expect to enjoy reduced allergy symptoms and better overall wellness. Book a consultation with our team in Scottsdale, Arizona, at 480-634-2985 or request your appointment online to get started.

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