Allergy Testing Preparation & Calendar


To help you prepare for your Allergy Testing, please download and follow the instructions.

Download Allergy Testing Instructions  

On your first physician visit, please bring in the following:

• Completed paperwork
• Insurance card
• Driver’s license

Please avoid wearing scented products when you come to the clinic. We work with patients who are very sensitive to them. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Use the following calendar to help you when you call to schedule your allergy testing. To schedule your testing, please call (480) 634-2985. After you have scheduled your testing, return to the calendar, click on the date and time you scheduled and you can print, download or send yourself an email reminder.



Pediatric Testing


It may be time for your child to be evaluated for allergies such as inhalants, foods, molds, house dust, mites, pet dander and others.




Finding the cause of your allergy is a complex and challenging task. It requires expert knowledge, skill and patience to accurately apply precise diagnostic testing…




Once the causes of your allergies have been isolated, we prescribe a course of treatment that will…



Prior to AETC, I had never been properly diagnosed for my allergies. Now for the first time, I know exactly what caused my symptoms.

Bennett W. – Patient


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