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Diagnostic Challenges

Allergy symptoms often mimic symptoms we associate with other illnesses. Fatigue, muscle and joint pain, headaches, asthma, weight gain, brain fog, and stomach discomfort are but a few examples. As a consequence, these symptoms can sometimes be misdiagnosed and lead to ineffective and costly treatments.

The only way to accurately identify the allergens causing these symptomatic conditions is to conduct a comprehensive physical assessment and a sophisticated allergy testing regimen along with a thorough lifestyle assessment to include:

 Intradermal allergy testing

 Symptoms when they occur


 Prior illness

 Dietary Habits

 Home and work environments

 Circumstances causing allergy symptoms/reactions

 Chemical exposures

The food you eat, the indoor and seasonal outdoor air you breathe, and the environment in which you work and live contain allergens with the potential to cause debilitating allergic reactions. The sum of all these factors is known as your “Total Body Burden” that at any one point in time can adversely affect your immune system thereby increasing your susceptibility to experience symptoms and/or illness.

Understanding the root cause of your allergy symptoms is a prerequisite to developing an effective treatment plan that will provide a sustainable, long-term outcome and return you to a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.



Adult Testing


We provide comprehensive allergy testing to identify and treat the causes of individual allergy symptoms.


Pediatric Testing


It may be time for your child to be evaluated for allergies such as inhalants, foods, molds, house dust, mites, pet dander and others.




Once the causes of your allergies have been isolated, we prescribe a course of treatment that will…



Prior to AETC, I had never been properly diagnosed for my allergies. Now for the first time, I know exactly what caused my symptoms.

Bennett W. – Patient


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