Effective Treatment for your Allergy Illness!


Focused Customized Treatment

Once the causes of your allergies have been isolated , we prescribe a specific course of treatment that will…

  • Correct the contributing causes of your allergy symptoms as much as possible
  • Minimize the severity of your suffering, and…
  • Introduce you to a healthier, more productive quality of life.

Our treatment regimen will consist of one or more of the following therapies based on the diagnostic assessment of your allergy illness.



Immunotherapy consists of customized vaccines of the patient’s testing results. This consists of the most efficacious dose for each antigen without adverse reactions. Because testing is done very safely and precisely, the patient will begin to obtain clinical relief of his symptoms, which are caused by certain antigens.

Rotational Diet with Avoidance of Allergenic Foods


Rotational Diet with Avoidance of Allergenic Foods further enhances a patient’s recovery of undesirable symptoms. We are a fast paced society relying on eating less than nutritious foods, eating the same foods almost every day, and giving in to our food “addictions”.

Identifying offending foods which cause a stress on the immune system and inflammation, incorporating a rotary diet with avoidance of food allergies for a short period of time, and introducing nutrient rich, chemically free foods into a patient’s therapeutic plan will begin the healing process.

Patient Education to Reduce Chemical Exposures


Patient Education to Reduce Chemical Exposures to avoid environmental sources of inhalants and chemicals is the preferred treatment of choice, but not always possible or practical. When avoidance is impossible or impractical, other treatment modalities will be employed.

Nutritional Supplementation


Nutritional Supplementation may be ordered where deficiencies have been identified by laboratory assessments or suspected on appropriate clinical evidence.



Adult Testing


We provide comprehensive allergy testing to identify and treat the causes of individual allergy symptoms.


Pediatric Testing


It may be time for your child to be evaluated for allergies such as inhalants, foods, molds, house dust, mites, pet dander and others.




Finding the cause of your allergy is a complex and challenging task. It requires expert knowledge, skill and patience to accurately apply precise diagnostic testing…



Our goal is to free you from the misery of your allergy symptoms so that you can wake up each day feeling refreshed and full of vitality.

Sharon Gwozdek, RN, BSN - The Allergy & Environmental Treatment Center

We are well equipped to ensure that your allergies are specifically identified and treated to achieve a satisfactory long-term return to a productive, virtually symptom-free lifestyle. Our dedicated and caring medical team applies their expert knowledge, skill and experience to provide you with extraordinary care.


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