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In This Issue:
1. Winter Wellness Strategies
2. The Value and Benefits of Supplements
in maintaining good health
3. The Doctor is In!
4. Laura McKay’s Recipe Corner – Roasted Winter Vegetable Soup

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Fall 2014

In This Issue:
1. Ticks and Red Meat
2. Preparation for Thanksgiving
3. 7 Products That Cause Allergies
3. Laura McKay’s Recipe Corner – Roasted Acorn Squash

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Summer 2014

In This Issue:
1. Exercise Induced Urticaria
2. Stress and Allergies
3. Laura McKay’s Recipe Corner – Almond Feta Cheese with Herb Oil

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Spring 2014

In This Issue:
1. Minimizing Allergy Symptoms.
2. Weather Changes
3. Recipe – Creamy Cucumber Dip

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Winter 2014

In This Issue:
1. That “Healthy” Diet Could be Quietly Killing Your Brain.
2. Is Your Food Making You Sick? The Unhealthy Truth.
3. Laura McKay’s Recipe Corner – Flourless Chocolate Cake

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Nov/Dec 2013

In This Issue:
1. Immunotherapy can provide long-term relief. Study shows.
2. The role of a Registered Dietitian in helping you achieve optimal health.
3. Nutrition Label information is not always accurate.
4. Crossword Puzzle.
5. Laura McKay’s Recipe Corner – Two great recipes featured to enhance your holiday delights!

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Sept/Oct 2013

In This Issue:
1. Immunotherapy: What is it? How does it benefit allergy sufferers?
2. Allergy Crossword Puzzle
3. Laura McKay’s Recipe Corner – Banana Oatmeal Cookies

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July/Aug 2013

In This Issue:
1. How food can affect your mood.
2. Some helpful tips to beat the heat.
3. Allergy Crossword Puzzle
4. Laura McKay’s Recipe Corner – Shakshuka – Day 4 Recipe

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May/June 2013

In This Issue:
1. A Brief Guide to Allergy Relief and Prevention.
2. Case Study: Understanding Your Nutritional Health!
3. Allergy Risk Greater In U.S.
4. AETC Adds Three New Insurance Companies
5. Informational Video Regarding Pediatric Testing Now on Website
6. Laura McKay’s Recipe Corner – Roasted Artichokes for Two Day 1 Recipe

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Mar/Apr 2013

In This Issue:
1. The Soy Controversy.
2. Let’s Take a Walk!
3. AETC adds Pediatric Testing
2. Laura McKay’s Recipe Corner – Baked Eggs in Whole Roasted Tomatoes Day 4

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Jan/Feb 2013

In This Issue:
1. GMO Foods. What you need to know.
2. Laura McKay’s Recipe Corner – Kale and Butternut Squash Saute Day 1 or 3

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Nov/Dec 2012

In This Issue:
1. World’s Strangest Allergies
2. Molds and Your Health.
3. AETC Open House shows off new clinic
3. Laura McKay’s Recipe Corner – Gluten-free Stuffing

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Sept/Oct 2012

In This Issue:
1. Reduced Urban Biodiversity and Increased Allergy
2. Endocrine Disruptors in Bottled Water.
3. Recipe – Cherry-Lentil Salad

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July/Aug 2012

In This Issue:
1. AETC Moves to New Location
2. Environmental Medicine… It’s What We Practice.
3. New Website and Features
4. Recipe – Coconut Flour Paleo Pancakes

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May/June 2012

In This Issue:
1. Not Just Another Runny Nose, the Impact of Allergic Rhinitis
2. 2012 Allergy Season More Intense
3. Live Longer, Avoid Carbonated Soft Drinks
4. Detox Case Study: Report on ‘Detox with the Doctor’
5. Laura McKay’s Recipe Corner “Egg Burrito with Nori”

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Mar/Apr 2012

In This Issue:
1. What is Eating Healthy?
2. The Role of the Liver in Detoxification
3. Why should you Detoxify?
4. AETC & Fry’s Fresh Attractions
5. Laura McKay’s Recipe Corner “Wild Rice and Blueberry Salad”

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Jan/Feb 2012

In This Issue:
1. What you need to know about Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance
2. Fresh Attractions Cooking School
3. What’s Your ‘Rust Factor’?
4. Laura McKay’s Recipe Corner “Lemon Chicken Soup”

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Nov/Dec 2011

In This Issue:
1. What you need to know about micronutrients [Vitamins & Minerals]
2. Meet Rochelle Kirkey, LPN
3. Sonoran Living Live
4.Laura McKay’s Recipe Corner “No Crust Pumpkin Pie”

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Sept/Oct 2011

In This Issue:
1. Gastrointestinal Health
– GI Disorders
– Offending Agents
– GI Imbalances
– Removal of Offending Agents
– Repair & Restore GI Health – Healthy Eating Habits, Exercise & Lifestyle Guidelines
– Self Care Techniques
2. Sonoran Living Live
3. Laura McKay’s Recipe Corner “Pecan Crusted Chicken”

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July/Aug 2011

In This Issue:
1. Six Basic Principles Applied in the Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Chemical Sensitivity
2. Fake Blueberries? Don’t Trust All That Goodness
3. Meet Cassie Weber, LPN
4. Featured Recipe – “Coconut Cod”

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May/June 2011

In This Issue:
1. Let’s Face It. Allergies are Debilitating
2. Consider the Business Traveler
3. How to Plan for an Allergy-free Vacation
4. Meet Ruey Yang, C.R.N.P.
5. Featured Recipe – “Quinoa Stuffed Peppers”
6. Healthy Snack Any Time of the Day

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Mar/Apr 2011

In This Issue:
1. Recognizing Allergy Symptoms and Signs
2. Laura McKay’s Recipe Corner “Featured Recipe – “Turkey Meatloaf”

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Jan/Feb 2011

In This Issue:
1. Inflammation – Your Body’s Healing Process at Work
2. Bon Appetite Rotational Diet Workshop
3. Meet Ronnie Welch, LPN
4. How Much Water Should You Drink?
5. Featured Recipe – “Simple Avocado Beet Salad”

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Nov/Dec 2010

In This Issue:
1. Household Chemicals: A Real Hazard to Your Health
2. Read The Fine Print
3. How Chemicals Enter your Body and How It Handles Them
4. Household Chemicals Educational Resources
5. AETC Holds Rotational Diet Educational Workshop Series
6. Featured Recipe – “Pumpkin Rice Bake – Day 1”

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Sept/Oct 2010

In This Issue:
1. Probiotics
2. AETC General Medicine/Primary Care Practice
3. Featured Recipe – “Grilled Halibut II”

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July/Aug 2010

In This Issue:
1. Diet and Nutrition
2. High-fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
3. Exercise
4. Featured Recipe – Gazpacho Soup

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May/June 2010

In This Issue:
1. Allergy Control Starts Right Here!
2. In The Bedroom
3. In The Shower and Other Dark and Damp Places
4. Pet Dander Everywhere!
5. Featured Recipe – Chicken Quinoa Soup (Gluten Free)

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Mar/Apr 2010

In This Issue:
1. A Short History of Food Allergies
2. Featured Recipe: Simple Simon Maple Cake

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Jan/Feb 2010

In This Issue:
1. The Significance of Stress
2. It’s Time You Got Some Sleep!
3. Featured Recipe: Healthy Veggie Chips

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Nov/Dec 2009

In This Issue:
1. Migraine Misery – A Case Study
2. Featured Recipe: Healthy Veggie Chips

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Sept/Oct 2009

In This Issue:
1. Part II: What can be done about allergies?
2. Featured Recipe: Tapenadee

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July/Aug 2009

In This Issue:
1. Part I: What is an allergy?
2. Featured Recipe: Veggie Burgers

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May/June 2009

In This Issue:
1. Our New Family Practice
2. What is Holistic Medicine?
3. Featured Recipe: Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

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Mar/Apr 2009

In This Issue:
1. It’s Allergy Season
2. What about molds?
3. Chemical Sensitivity
4. Featured Recipe: Italian Wedding Soup

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Jan/Feb 2009

In This Issue:
1. The Common Cold
2. What’s Fluogen?
3. Featured Recipe: Nellie’s Cabbage & Noodles

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Nov/Dec 2008

In This Issue:
1. Total Body Burden
2. Be Good to Yourself this Holiday Season
3. Featured Recipe: Italian Tomato Salad

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Sept/Oct 2008

In This Issue:
1. Is it a Cold or an Allergy?
2. What is a pollen count?
3. Did You Know?

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