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“When I was seeking care for multiple health concerns, I met Laura at AZ Community Church. She suggested AETC and her diet plan. Since being evaluated at AETC by allergy testing, stool analyzes, and blood testing; I have been treated with allergy shots, supplements and a diet plan specific to my allergies and health concerns along with dietary coaching from Laura.

With their personalized plan, I no longer take 3 medications for asthma, no more fluctuation in weight gain and I have lost weight. I am no longer pre-diabetic, I have more energy, less achiness, sleep better, less sinus infections, skin is clearer, and no long have irritable bowel problems. With these changes to my lifestyle, I am happy with my well being and the care, treatment and good nutrition plan I received from AETC.” – Carol J.

“Thanks for the beautiful holiday message. I am saving this one!

By the way, your testing and dietary changes enabled me to get back to a relatively normal diet with no more allergic symptoms. I eliminated everything that showed as an allergen for about a year, then slowly reintroduced in modest amounts all except soy and beans, which have been only in tiny quantities. I expect to keep the latter two at a minimum (almost no soy and very little of other beans) for the foreseeable future since they were the strongest allergens. It’s working. Thanks for your thorough testing and good advice.

All the best to you and your staff. Happy Holidays.” Best Regards, S.T.

“Pin pointing my food allergies has changed so many aspects in my life. Aside from feeling “normal” again, I’m feeling so much healthier. Like many others, I’ve struggled with losing weight for most of my life. After being tested I started avoiding my allergenic foods, sticking to the rotation diet, and doing moderate exercise. This has all aided me in shedding 85 pounds! The inflammation caused by allergies was stopping me from becoming a healthier me. I feel better than ever!”
– JK from Bagdad, AZ.

“I had been trying for years to get to the bottom of what was making me feel so miserable. The Allergy & Environmental Treatment Center’s comprehensive testing isolated the food allergy that was causing all my problems. Life is good now!” – Mary J.

“Prior to AETC, I had never been properly diagnosed for my allergies. Now for the first time, I know exactly what caused my symptoms.

AETC convinced me to undergo allergy testing although I was skeptical. Much to my surprise, I found out how allergic I was and how great I have felt in the last 3 years since the testing and treatments. AETC literally changed my life and made me a true believer.” – Bennett W.

“I need to give you a big Thank You! This is the first time in about 7 months I feel fantastic! I think we are making a dent on the dysbiotics. The last 6-7 IVs I felt good but not like Wonder Woman on the third day. This last IV– I feel incredible!! Thank you so much for being such a good listener and helping to make a diagnosis based on one symptom I mentioned. I am so grateful for your care!”
– Kathleen R.

“I used to need 6-10 allergy pills DAILY… now I take 6-10 pills a YEAR! It’s great to not be controlled by my allergies. And the expertise at The Allergy & Environmental Treatment Center is delivered with extraordinary caring & service – you will LOVE the staff.” – Linda S.

“LIFE CHANGING!!! Two years ago my severe allergies (a triple header of foods, molds, pollens, etc.) were affecting both my personal and business life. After very thorough testing and evaluation, with a “pin-point” accuracy I had never experienced at two previous allergy clinics, my life with allergies is coming under control, plus my weight is down by 25 pounds. The staff at AETC is fantastic and also takes time to advise you on diets, food alternatives and supplements.” -Pete J.

“God bless you for making a positive difference in this world. Congratulations. I know you touched my life because my skin and allergies are so much better.” –Terri S.

“After years of suffering with debilitating allergies, I turned to the Allergy and Environmental Treatment Center for help. I received personal care and a treatment plan that was designed just for me. My results were amazing and returned my quality of life.

Thank you! Clearly, my entire family is being well taken care of and looked after by you and everyone in your practice! An unbelievably competent, reliable, knowledgeable and professional team you all are!” – Kelly N.


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